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SPECIALIZED ::  Fiberglass Product / custom-made bodykits and interior / car aicond / wiring / sound system  / water tank , water filter,trolley / greting / etc......



  Custom Moulding of FRP tanks

  ● Chemical Tank
  ● Fish Tank

  ● Transportation Tank

   Custom moulding of FRP ducting & chimney, 

      pipe fittings, etc.

   FRP Fan casing, FRP Ventilator casing

   Corrosion resistant fabrication work & 

      chemical resistant flooring process.

►   Custom FRP tank & lining FRP on concrete 


OTHER (based on FRP)

 Table & Chair



 Basketball Board

 Public playground toys




Customize Built In Sound system,Refebricate dashboard and display LED lightning , Cushion cover , assecories , wiring , Etc

Special Customade Acrylic c/w mild steel trolley
OSTEC DEMO UNIT For UMS hatchery department.

Why we lining fiberglass interior the Van flooring?

1.Sea water protection(anti rush)
2.chemical resistance
3.lasting for heavy duty use(commercial)
4.Fire retarder

FRP LINING PROCEDURE                                                                                  28.08.2014

FRP Coating and Lining is made onto the surface various products and materials such as leak proofing of tops, factory floor, chemical industries, anti corrosion treatment of metal tanks, concrete tanks, fittings, and many more. It helps protect from corrosion from.

Chemicals & salts. It provides excellent performance and lasting time.

General structure is Primer + Reinforced Layers + Top Coat. Based on the Concentration of chemical and the type of liquid inside the tanks, we offer the most suitable structure with different thickness of layer.


FIBERGLASS WATER TANK DISPLAY VIEW (FRONT&BACK)                           18.march.2014

FRP water tank  c/w arcylic panel with wooden support - 2view

TANK SIZE : 6'6 FT (H) x 5' (W) x 5' (L)

ARCYLIC SIZE : 5'7" (H) x 3'7" (W)

OVERFLOWING FRESH WATER TANK (FRP)                                             18.march.2014


c/w 6nos x 6cm PVC stopper cock with wooden support.

TANK SIZE : 0.5m(L) x 0.5m(W) x 1.5m(H)

  (SABAH) Retractable canvas Awning [outdoor Visor] 

Retractable Cassette Awning [outdoor Visor]

We supply and installation outdoor Visor product,single and double side retractable awning,sky awning,whole box atrium awning,swing awning,vertical guide awning,fixed awning,sphere type window awning,track canopy awning,everything related awning service ....

♦ Elegant design

♦ Screws made in stainless steel

 Top-quality aluminium frame.

♦ Support bigger gravity

 Simple but durable

 Adjustable angle

 Wonderful sunshade image

 Water channel in the front tube to reduce rain splashing.

 Installed into the walls in concrete , bricks , wood , steel , etc

♦ When close , the whole awning is retracted into the cassette to avoid the fabric getting dirty

 We are Specialized in all kind of Fiberglass Product                                                 

♦ Car Bodykits

♦ Water Filter

♦ Water Tank

Fish Tank

♦ Water Slide

♦ Laundry Trolley

♦ Playground Slide

♦ Table and chair

♦ Basketball Board 

♦ Service and repair boat 

♦ Public phone Booth

♦ Transparent Roof 

♦ FRP Eco Grating

♦ Feng Shui Fountain

♦ FRP Toys

♦ Any product related fiberglass and raw materials supply.

Other Project                                                                                                                 

Transparent Roof FRP                                                          

Water Tank / water filter / trolley / fish & prawn / etc....

SpeedBoat (FRP)   

- 28' speed boat buit (FRP) - 

Supply and installation every type of truck canopy air foil. 

 - Smooth air flow save up to 20% fuel.

 - Advertise your company logo on top

 - Extra space behind canopy

 - Good Looking

 - Protect your stuff behind the truck