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SPECIALIZED ::  Fiberglass Product / custom made and interior / car aicond / wiring / sound system  / water tank , water filter,trolley / greting / etc......

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FIBERGLASS WATER TANK DISPLAY VIEW (FRONT&BACK)                           18.march.2014

FRP water tank  c/w arcylic panel with wooden support - 2view

TANK SIZE : 6'6 FT (H) x 5' (W) x 5' (L)

ARCYLIC SIZE : 5'7" (H) x 3'7" (W)

OVERFLOWING FRESH WATER TANK (FRP)                                             18.march.2014


c/w 6nos x 6cm PVC stopper cock with wooden support.

TANK SIZE : 0.5m(L) x 0.5m(W) x 1.5m(H)

  (SABAH) Retractable canvas Awning [outdoor Visor] 

Retractable Cassette Awning [outdoor Visor]

We supply and installation outdoor Visor product,single and double side retractable awning,sky awning,whole box atrium awning,swing awning,vertical guide awning,fixed awning,sphere type window awning,track canopy awning,everything related awning service ....

♦ Elegant design

♦ Screws made in stainless steel

 Top-quality aluminium frame.

♦ Support bigger gravity

 Simple but durable

 Adjustable angle

 Wonderful sunshade image

 Water channel in the front tube to reduce rain splashing.

 Installed into the walls in concrete , bricks , wood , steel , etc

♦ When close , the whole awning is retracted into the cassette to avoid the fabric getting dirty

 We are Specialized in all kind of Fiberglass Product                                                 

♦ Car Bodykits

♦ Water Filter

♦ Water Tank

Fish Tank

♦ Water Slide

♦ Laundry Trolley

♦ Playground Slide

♦ Table and chair

♦ Basketball Board 

♦ Service and repair boat 

♦ Public phone Booth

♦ Transparent Roof 

♦ FRP Eco Grating

♦ Feng Shui Fountain

♦ FRP Toys

♦ Any product related fiberglass and raw materials supply.

Other Project                                                                                                                 

Transparent Roof FRP                                                          

Water Tank / water filter / trolley / fish & prawn / etc....

SpeedBoat (FRP)   

- 28' speed boat buit (FRP) - 

Supply and installation every type of truck canopy air foil. 

 - Smooth air flow save up to 20% fuel.

 - Advertise your company logo on top

 - Extra space behind canopy

 - Good Looking

 - Protect your stuff behind the truck